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A Guide to Transitioning to Homeschooling in New York

Essential Forms and Information

With a notable 88% increase in registered homeschoolers in NYC since the 2020 lockdowns, many parents are exploring homeschooling as an alternative. Here’s a step-by-step guide and a collection of sample forms required by New York State to assist parents in this transition:

1. Notice of Intent:

  • Begin the homeschooling journey by mailing a Letter of Intent to the school district. The district may request a withdrawal form.

2. Individual Home Instruction Plan (IHIP):

  • An IHIP is mandatory for each student. Plan your child’s education and choose four dates for quarterly reports on compulsory-aged children.

3. Quarterly Report:

  • Submit quarterly reports for each child, detailing educational progress. These reports are a key part of homeschooling compliance.

4. Annual Assessment Narratives:

  • Provide annual assessment narratives to showcase your child’s achievements and progress throughout the year.

5. Sample Letter of Equivalency / Completion:

  • A sample letter to demonstrate equivalency or completion, ensuring compliance with educational standards.

6. Section 100.10 Compliance Checklist:

  • Utilize a compliance checklist to ensure adherence to Section 100.10 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I have to do all the teaching?

  • While you can delegate part of your child’s education, as the supervisor, you agree to be responsible for their overall education. You’re not required to personally teach every subject.

2. How many NYS educational requirements does ASA fulfill?

  • American Seekers Academy fulfills all NYS educational requirements, offering core subjects and electives.

3. Regulations and Oversight:

  • Understand that homeschooling in New York is regulated under Section 100.10 of the Commissioner of Education’s Regulations. Local school districts oversee compliance.

Transitioning to homeschooling may seem daunting, but with these forms and information, parents can confidently navigate the process while ensuring compliance with New York State regulations.

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