How to Legally Pull Your Child From School

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What you need to pull your child out of school

Mirroring a nationwide trend, NYC alone saw an 88% increase in registered homeschoolers since the beginning of the 2020 lockdowns. To help assist parents transition into homeschooling, here are some sample forms required by New York State:

What am I required to tell the school?

You will begin by mailing a Letter of Intent to the school district. The district may also ask you to provide a withdrawal request. An Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) is required for each student and you must select four dates to send quarterly reports on each of your compulsory-aged children.

Do I have to do all the teaching?

You are allowed to delegate part of your child’s education; however, by signing the IHIP, you agree to being the supervisor and responsible party for the education of your child. You need to plan your child’s education, but you do not personally have to teach it all yourself.

How many NYS educational requirements does ASA fulfill?

American Seekers Academy offers core subjects and electives that satisfy all of NYS educational requirements.

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