Mentoring at ASA

Teachers are the heart and soul of a good education and are essential instruments for creating positive environments for deeper learning. Our mentors engage students in a dynamic exchange of thoughts and reasoning so that they will discover something they did not know before inspiring them to wonder and dare to learn more. This is where the joy of learning and wisdom lies. American Seekers Academy depends on its mentors to revive the admiration of American values and civic virtues that inspire emboldened, life long learners, seekers and achievers. Teaching students to seek and understand the principles that founded our nation will build good character, deepen their faith and preserve liberty.

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Classical Education Mentors

  • Focus placed back on the art of teaching
  • Competitive rates
  • Supportive team provided with aides and direct contact with Mentor Director
  • Feel comfortable and confident doing what you have been genuinely called to do
  • We do not discriminate based on personal medical choices or religious and political values
  • All course work, materials and curriculums are provided
  • Flexible 'build your own' schedule with 1-2 hour classes
  • Additional professional support through attendance at the annual teaching conference provided by Hillsdale College

Our PMA requires language that separates us from the rest, naturally. A mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted adviser as this accurately describes those we trust and hire to lead the children.

  • Convey a sense of enlightened patriotism
  • A solid understanding of classical education and a dedication to the liberal arts
  • Ability to maintain professional decorum of self and classroom
  • Great communication and organizational skills

  • Experience teaching at the K-12 or college level
  • A record of leadership

By enrolling as a Mentor, Aide or other in the American Seekers Academy Private Membership Association, you agree to maintaining respectful dialogue and appropriate decorum with other members, students and faculty. You assume the responsibility and safety of children in your classroom and make yourself available to other students when possible. At ASA, it is necessary to be direct and professional at all times, lead by example and arrive fully prepared and well-informed of the materials being taught. Discipline is left to the parents and the director of teaching should be notified of disruptive behavior immediately so that parents can assess their child’s needs.

Aide Position

Aide positions are available first come first serve to our members. These are paid positions that may also help reduce the expenses of attending ASA. A warm disposition towards children and appreciation for academic excellence are necessary traits to fulfill this role. Aides must be able to commit to a full semester for full day classes at least three days per week.

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